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Wednesday, April 24, 2024

If you want to quickly know how to make money online, if you need answers now on how to start your own online business, if you are interested in gaining ADDITIONAL streams of income, then read on...


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Sample Questions Answered:

01. Is it REALLY possible to earn a living from the internet?
02. How do you copy-protect electronic documents like ebooks and PDF files?
03. How do you make your ebook downloadable from your web site?
04. How do you create windows that pop-up when people exit or leave my web site?
05. How can affiliates maximize online sales?
06. How do you effectively use follow-up email or sequential autoresponders?
07. How can your web site do this [insert description]?
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Forum Sightings

(NOTE: The forum is password protected. If you sign up for free at Sitesell.com, you'll be given a username and password for INSTANT access to the online forum)
  1. How A Woman Saved US$1,000 Every 10 Minutes

  2. Lots of Clicks But No Sales?
    Learn from his experience, and find out how you can turn the situation around.

  3. Too Many Interests, Not Enough Demand
    What happens when the topics you're interested in and which you want to talk about online are not liked by enough people? There's still hope!

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It's the bible on internet selling: I got the book, quickly skimmed through it, made notes and...

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2. Designed a web site for a client using the principles in MYSS and earned US$1,200 in 17 days (html and programming)

3. Suggested an idea to Ken Evoy (MYSS author), helped implement it, and earned US$500 in under 21 days.

I'm not guaranteeing you'll get the exact same results. Our situations are different, and so are our abilities. You might earn less, or you could earn much more (since the above results were achieved on a purely part-time basis).

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Want to sample internet brainpower?

Here goes...

There are three things you need to become profitable on the internet:
  1. You need good products that sell online
  2. You need a web site whose words convince people to buy YOUR products or services
  3. You need lots of visitors to your web site

Okay...cards on the table.

When you become an affiliate of SiteSell Now you will be part of my team. All the assistance I will give you will help boost your internet income. When that happens, you will earn and so will I.

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Do you want more samples of information stored in Manuel's internet brain?

Ok! Here are the answers to frequently asked questions posted in numerous online forums related to making money online. Have fun!

» Where Do You Start? (4 Easy Steps)
STEP 1: Start by identifying whom you want to sell your products and services to. Please be more specific than "I want to sell to everyone..."

Do you wish to sell to women?
What age range?
Where do they live?
Where do they shop?
What are their friends like?

STEP 2: List down your ideal customer's Top 10 Interests.

If you don't know, then please turn off your computer, get out and meet people. Ask around. Go to public places. Mingle. Listen to the radio. Go to school. Interview folks. Watch movies. Read the papers. Attend parties.
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» What Sells Online?
Mostly software, books, information (i.e., how to build beautiful sandcastles, how to make money online), hard-to-find gadgets, products from TRUSTED brands.

Do you want to know what products you can sell immediately? Simply become an affiliate of Sitesell today.

» What Is The Basic Strategy?
FACT: The e-mail marketing industy will grow 41 percent to $3.5 billion by 2005, up from $910 million in 2001, according to a study by the Winterberry Group.
  1. Attract potential customers -- Publish useful information on web pages that will be listed by search engines.

  2. Once you get your ideal customer to your site, invite them to sign up for your Newsletter. The words on your web site will determine whether or not they will subscribe to your mailing list.

  3. Keep in touch with your subscribers via useful articles. Remember to keep your business viable by regularly offering your own products and services, or by informing your newsletter subscribers about other useful products.

Sooner or later, because you have been providing your target customers with useful information, a certain percentage will patronize your products or the products of other merchants which you have recommended.

Why? You would have earned their trust. You would have increased your credibility with the help of your web site and newsletter.

Would you like someone to help you install scripts and programs that will make your autoresponder and newsletter system work? Simply become an affiliate of SiteSell today.
» How To Create An Information Product

The simplest way is to type it out using your favorite wordprocessor (i.e., MS Word), and then convert it to PDF.

Try to keep your report or ebook no longer than 40-50 pages, so that the file won't be too large. Otherwise, some customers might get intimidated by the long download time.

Want some more information about ebooks? Simply become an affiliate of SiteSell.

» Accept Credit Card Payments Online
If you're selling non-physical products (i.e., electronic documents, ebooks) then I recommend ShareIt because they don't require a sign-up fee. True, it will cost you around 15% of your selling price, but that's taken only after a sale is made.

If you are selling physical or tangible products (i.e., goods that you need to ship), you can try CCNow (although I haven't personally tried them).

Do you want personalized help setting your online payment system? Simply become an affiliate of SiteSell.
» How To Deliver Your Products
It's very simple with ShareIt -- once a customer's credit card is approved, ShareIt can deliver your electronic product or ebook to your customer on your behalf, via a download page on their web site. The download page automatically disappears after 15 days.

In the case of Clickbank, you need to tell them where to send your customers after they've completed the sale. The typical destination is a web page on your site where your customers can download the information you are selling. You'll need to change the location of this download page from time to time.

In the case of CCNow, you have to check your online records daily to see if a sale was made, and then you need to ship out your product (i.e., via UPS, DHL, etc).

Would you like assistance in delivering your digital product to paying customers? Want hassle-free techie help? Simply become an affiliate of SiteSell today.

* * * * * * *

“Success means never allowing others to fail.”

I want you to succeed also and will do everything to help you. Within reasonable limits, of course.

As you can see, you've just been treated to useful internet marketing information, as a way of thanking you for taking the time to read this web page.

It's the perfect win-win situation -- you save money, you learn profitable internet business tips first, you apply what you discover, and then earn money. Once that happens, we both earn online.

Ever heard of the saying: "Hire for attitude; train for skills" ? So here is free internet training, for those highly interested.

And you need to act quickly, because membership in the SiteSell Affiliate Program will not remain open forever. Afterall, if every street corner had a McDonald's store, how will they earn?

Naturally, there will be a limit to the number of affiliates. Since joining is free, how long do you think before the doors are closed?

And there's more...

Ever wonder why you are here, today, reading this particular web page? Is it really just coincidence that you are here right now?

Think about it.

The things you do today have a way of affecting your future, right? Or put another way, the opportunities you don't grab today also have a way of determining your tomorrow.

So learn all that you can. And act on that knowledge.

Remember: ALL of the shots you never even tried to make will never go in.

Good luck, and I wish you all the success, health, wealth and happiness in the world.

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Remember, Joining is FREE.
Interest and Motivation are required.

Kind regards,

Manuel Viloria (bio)
Your Friendly Ebiz Coach
Manila, Philippines

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